This whole thing with Snowden seems unnaturally dramatic. Is this really happening? Is this guy's name really Snowden (i.e., Yossarian's dead buddy from Catch-22)? Is he really a self-made genius who was living in Hawaii with his beautiful pole-dancing girlfriend, making $200,000/year, who gave it all up to expose the NSA's evildoing? Snowden even looks like Hollywood's version of a nerd -- Ethan Hawke with thick glasses and a goofy haircut.

What if the leaks were and are actually coming from some other source, and Snowden is still working with the NSA, as a distraction? Because he makes the conversation all about HIM, rather than about the NSA programs. The leaks preceded Snowden's revelation that he was the leaker. So, what if the leak appeared, and then the NSA offers one of its contractors a bunch of cash if he'll portray the leaker in an around-the-world psychodrama as a sort of grand distraction?

Anyway, if Snowden is who he appears to be, I have a great deal of sympathy for him. (On that note, another random thought: this issue is interesting in the way it splits people between libertarian/authoritarian viewpoints, which I think is more significant than the usual left/right sideshow.)