Bitcoin mocks your suffering, noob

Was thinking earlier that a Bitcoin-esque currency that had at least minimal protections for the average user could really catch on. The fact that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible is usually touted as a benefit by its boosters, but I think it's a significant barrier to mainstream adoption.

I understand that there are some advantages to irreversibility. However, for cryptocurrencies to ever really go mainstream -- for regular, non-hacker, non-technical folks to be willing to use them to store a significant amount of money -- there have to be extra protections afforded to people that want it. If you go on any online Bitcoin-related forum today, you're guaranteed to see the following grisly scene unfold:

Joe: OMG my bitcoin wallet got hacked and the jerkwad at NDYJsE69eaDArtHHxW6JtL4KabDsAGUinU stole all my BTC someone help me get it back OMG OMG
cryptoGod: Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.
Joe: WTF do you mean?? It was THEFT, I have the address right here
BFG4LYFE: so sick of these whiny posts, retards reuse passwds and say waaaah i got hacked! sorry but zero sympathy from me
Joe: I don't reuse passwords! What are you talking about??
cryptoGod: Transactions cannot be reversed once they are added to the blockchain. Did you even bother to study this before you jumped in?
BFG4LYFE: more like you spent the money and are claiming hax to get sympathy, GTFO plz, if ur that mad about it then hack his wallet back, lol
cryptoGod: Are you using Windows? You probably have malware. It's your own fault for having malware and using an insecure OS. Linux or GTFO
Joe: >:(

At which point Joe, who probably lost $20 in BTC from his hacked wallet, decides that the entire Bitcoin community is full of elitist, uncaring pricks. He rages for a while on Twitter and various Forums, then never, ever is involved with Bitcoin ever again. And an awful lot of people who witness this spectacle are also turned off to Bitcoins, and digital currencies in general -- they think, Is it really true that there's NO REPERCUSSIONS for hacking, even when it's blatantly obvious what they've done, even when it's publicly known exactly where their wallet is and that it's full of stolen money?

And if these people do end up putting money into *coins in spite of this daily horror, it will never be more than a small amount -- people dump in a hundred or a thousand bucks, thinking, What the hell, maybe I'll get rich! But these people don't use the coins as a currency; it's just a vehicle for pointless financial speculation. None of these people in their right mind would decide to put real money into Bitcoins, at least not unless they're either a computer security expert, or rich enough to hire people who are. And so, *coins continue existing in the nullspace of "things called currencies that aren't actually currencies".

I think there's a market for a digital currency that has some minimal security features included. That's all I'm saying.